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Transform Your Online Business with Our Expert eCommerce Web Development Services

We offer a range of eCommerce website and application solutions that help you maximize your sales and enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

Personalized eCommerce Solutions: Consulting and Development Services

Scinorx Technologies has extensive experience providing eCommerce web development services that can improve the effectiveness of your online business. Our dedicated ecommerce developers and professionals have extensive knowledge of proven eCommerce strategies, and we collaborate closely with our clients to fully understand their business needs.

We provide a variety of eCommerce website and application solutions to help you increase your sales and improve your customers’ shopping experiences. Our e-commerce development services include:

  • Personalized User Experience: We design customized user experiences that are consistent with your brand and meet the specific needs of your customers.
  • Secured Content Management: Our team ensures that your eCommerce platform is secure and that your content is managed in a way that respects your customers’ privacy.
  • Social Media Integration: We integrate your eCommerce platform with social media channels to increase brand visibility and traffic to your website.
  • Payment Processing: Our eCommerce solutions include seamless payment processing, making it simple for your customers to complete purchases.
  • Open Cart Development: We specialize in Open Cart development, an open-source eCommerce platform with a variety of features and functionalities.
  • Back End (Admin Panel): We create user-friendly back-end systems that enable you to easily manage your eCommerce website.
  • Order Management & Fulfillment: Our eCommerce solutions include order management and fulfillment systems that help you process orders more efficiently and deliver them on time.

Scinorx Technologies is committed to assisting you in launching your first virtual store and growing your eCommerce business. Contact us today to find out how our eCommerce development services can help you increase sales and improve your customers’ shopping experience.

Our eCommerce Development Process:

From Concept to Launch: Our Proven Process for Developing eCommerce Websites that Drive Business Growth.

01. Discovery

Our website development process starts with a thorough understanding of your company’s needs and goals. Our team of experts collaborates with you to identify key requirements.

02. Planning

Our team of experts collaborates with you to create a detailed plan outlining the project’s scope, timeline, and milestones.

03. Design

After the plan is finalized; our team begins the design phase by creating wireframes and mock-ups of the website’s structure and layout. We collaborate with you to refine the design so that it perfectly reflects your brand identity and meets your requirements.

04. Development

Next, we enter the development phase, where our skilled developers bring the design to life. We use cutting-edge technology and best practices to create a high performance website that prioritizes speed, security, and user experience.

05. Testing And Launch

During the testing phase, we rigorously test the website to ensure that it works properly across all devices and browsers, catching and fixing any bugs or issues before launching. Finally, we launch the website and provide on-going support and maintenance to ensure it continues to perform at its peak.


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How much does it cost?

We offer customized solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs, so the cost of our services can vary from project to project. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their objectives and requirements before presenting a detailed proposal outlining the project scope and associated costs.

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Landing Page Development

Create campaigns to strengthen customer relationships by engaging and connecting with your audience.

1 web page
$500- $1000
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eCommerce Website

Empowering You to Unlock Your Online Retail Potential

100 – 1000 Products
$5,000 – $10,000
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Corporate Website

Elevate Your Corporate Identity with a Professional Online Presence

25 – 75 web pages
$4,000 – $6,000

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    Discover Our Comprehensive Digital Service Portfolio

    Empower Your Business with our Digital Expertise. Scinorx Digital Services offers a wide range of digital solutions to meet your business needs.

    Web Development

    Create websites that drive 24/7 business growth through lead generation and increased sales.


    Digital shopping experiences that assist businesses in achieving their ambitious sales targets.

    Landing Pages

    Create campaigns to strengthen customer relationships by engaging and connecting with your audience.

    App Development

    Our expert app developers create bespoke mobile apps that drive business growth and success.

    SEO optimization

    Increase search engine rankings and online visibility with an optimized website.

    Corporate identity

    Create a unique corporate style that perfectly aligns with your company’s mission and vision.

    Voice and AI Assistants

    Use natural conversation to provide customers with quick and accurate answers, making it the fastest way to meet their needs.

    eLearning Solutions

    Build custom elearning solutions created by industry experts using state-of-the-art learning technology.

    Pay Per Click

    Attract immediate customers to your business using contextual advertising on Social media like Google and Facebook.

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