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Agrawal Samaj USA Website Rebranding – ScinoRx Technologies Inc.

Scinorx Technologies was entrusted with the task of not only giving Agrawal Samaj USA’s website a facelift but also enhancing its functionality by incorporating a payment gateway.

Scinorx Technologies was asked to give the Agrawal Samaj USA website a fresh look, making it easier to use and more appealing. Agrawal Samaj USA, an important community group, wanted a modern website to connect with members and share information effectively.


  • Brand Update: Make the Agrawal Samaj identity look more modern while keeping its cultural roots.
  • User-Friendly Design: Improve how the website looks and works so that members can easily find what they need.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Make sure the website looks good and works well on computers, tablets, and phones.
  • Organized Information: Arrange the content in a clear way, using a system to make it easy for members to find information.
  • Community Features: Add interactive elements like event calendars and forums to help members connect and engage.
  • Payment Gateway: Enable secure online payments for member contributions and event fees.


  • Learning Phase: Understand the current website, find out what users find difficult, and talk to Agrawal Samaj USA leaders to set goals.
  • Brand Ideas: Work together with Agrawal Samaj USA to figure out what the community stands for and how to represent that online.
  • Design Ideas: Create different looks for the website, get feedback from Agrawal Samaj USA, and improve the chosen design.
  • Building and Testing: Turn the chosen design into a working website, test it thoroughly to make sure it works well everywhere.
  • Community Feedback: Ask Agrawal Samaj members to try the new website and give their thoughts, making sure it meets their needs.


The result is a great-looking and user-friendly website that keeps the traditions of Agrawal Samaj while being modern. Scinorx Technologies made Agrawal Samaj USA’s website more engaging and accessible online. Members now find it easier to use, and the website brings Agrawal Samaj USA into the digital age successfully.

Client Testimonial

Very professional approach to work, systematic, planned and clean approach to a problem.

Working with them was an awesome experience and their suggestions for improvement were spot on. Very glad to have chosen ScinoRx Technologies Inc for the development of our community site and would 100% recommend for anyone looking for a great experience in website development.

Sandeep Gupta

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